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Have any of you experienced extreme Diva Musical Directors.  I mean to the point of them quitting just to hurt the show?

Here's why I ask.

About 4 yrs. ago at a summer stock I was volunteering at we had a musical director that was pissed off at the artistic director for personal reasons.  So the day of the season opening, (when we have the opening Galla W/ the people who contribute large amounts of money) he left w/ out saying a word.  He also took the musical tracks off the computer.  He wanted for us to call him and be like "we need you, we can't do a show w/out you.  What do you want for comming back".   Instead our Sound Designer knew the computer save everything 3 times automaticly.  So he rebuted the show and we had the LD run the tracks computer for that night.  The show went really well considering.  When we didn't call him asking him to come back, he called us asking for his job back!  Upper management basicly told him where to put it.

So has anyone else come across this problem?

Employment / Day Jobs? Yes or No
« on: Oct 06, 2006, 01:46 am »
What is your opinion?  Is it hard to get work as a SM if you have a day job?

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