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Hi All,

Just curious really... In the 'US Style' of Stage Management (where the SM actually calls the show) who runs the technical rehearsal?

Because in the UK the DSM (Deputy Stage Manager) runs/ calls the show the Stage Manager will run the tech in liason with the DSM on the book and all the designers and ops.

Also just wondering what peoples preferred methods of running techs are. I personally would rather run all the way through (just skipping large monologues) if time allows but if not I'll just go cue-to-cue. But other Stage Managers I know like to go to each entrance/ exit or cue (which ever is first...).

Just curious!

Sam x

Employment / Follow Up Thank-You Letters
« on: Jan 19, 2007, 05:04 pm »
Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone could help me. Normally after I receive payment for a job thats the end of it. Sometimes I send a friendly email or a drop a telephone to admin to say thank-you for prompt payment and I hope to work with you again soon, depending on how well I know the company, but I've never done anything formal. Well now I have had some nice new corporate stationary made up (letter-heads and buis cards etc.) and I think this is quite a good opportunity to show it off and start putting my new "corperate identity out there" as my marketing friend would say!

So basically I'm looking as part of my invoicing process to now send a little follow-up letter saying thank you the payment has been received and I hope we work together again in the future. The only problem is I can't draft this letter at all!! Everything I write just sounds quite awkward and generally rubbish!

Any help much appreciated! Thanks!

Sam x   

Hi all,

Just wondering how many of you, as Stage Managers or ASMs in rehearsals, participate in the company's warm-ups or games either in rehearsal or before a show??

For me it entirely depends on the company and the director and how comfortable I feel with them. Here's two examples;
  • Recently doing a show (straight play) with a lovely cast and directors. First day everyone was so warm and welcoming my ASM and I felt really comfortable to join in with the 'name-games' (getting to know you) and introduction/ trust-building games. As soon as it moved into more character driven or actor games though we both stepped out as I certainly felt it wasn't our place to do these. Doing the intros though I think really helped both of us become part of the company! We continued to do these every morning throughout the rehearsal process and on occasions when the director was late I even led the games/ warm-up. Once we moved into the theatre for our run I was generally too busy to do the warm-up with them however I tried every night to do the vocal warm-up with them, this was because it was a really busy show to call (hundreds and hundreds of cues) and warming my voice up really did help! Let me know if you want to know what these warm-ups were - I found them really helpful
  • Situation 2; big musical for a west-end type (it was regional) stage. Here they didn't even do many into/ warm-up games and I didn't feel at all comfortable doing the warm-up with them therefore I just stayed behind the desk and watched. I worked really hard in breaks etc. and in my 'talks' for the first few days, to seem extra-friendly and approachable! It worked because I had a really good bond with this company as I did with the other - just used a different style.
Would love to hear your thoughts.

Sam x

Hi All,

I'm really interested in the differences between how we call shows in the UK and how you guys in the US & Oz etc. call shows. I'm now hopefully going to describe exactly how big musicals and such are called in the UK! If people from other parts of the world could do the same that would be great and then we can compare the merits and disadvantages of both systems!

All of the below is for a performance that goes up at 19.30 (normal time for West End Show). The example I'm using here is a recent show I DSMed called 'Alice':

Backstage: "Ladies and Gentlemen of the 'Alice' Company this is you Act One Beginners Call. Full Company please Standby for Act One. Also all technical departments please stand-by for lights up on this evenings performance of 'Alice'. Act One Beginners Please. Thank You"

FOH & Bars: "Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen. Please take your seats as this evenings performance of 'Alice' will comence in three minutes. Thank You"

DSM: Good Evening All, can we check whos here then please. LX?
LX: Yep
DSM: Sound
Sound: Yep
DSM: Automation?
Automation: Yep
DSM: Flys?
Flys: Yep
AV: Yep
DSM: OK, Lovely. Waiting on Clearence Then.

DSM (telephone to MD): Hi. Just waiting on clearence. Are you ready with the band.
MD: Yeah, lovely

FOH & Bars: "Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen. Please take your seats as this evenings performance of 'Alice' will comence in one minutes. Thank You" & 1 Bar Bell

FOH & Bars: "Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen. Please take your seats as this evenings performance of 'Alice' is about to commence. Thank You" & 1 Long Ring of Bar Bell

Around 19.30
FOH Manager (Radio): FOH to Stage Management this is Clearence for Act One. All yours.
DSM (Radio): Thanks, All recieved

DSM (on cans): And thats Clearence. Standby Please LX Qs 1 through 14
LX: Standing-by
DSM: Sound Qs 1 through 6 (Q-Light too)
Sound: Standing-by
DSM: Auto Qs 1 & 2 (Q-Light too)
Automation: Standing-by
DSM: Deck Q 1 (Q-Light too)
Deck: Standing-by
DSM: And Fly Qs 1 & 2 (Q-Light too)
Flys: Standing-by
DSM: Thank You

DSM (Q-Light only): Stand-by MD for top of Act One
MD Q-Light goes solid (stood-by)

DSM: LX Q 1 .. GO Slow House Lights to Half

FOH/ Auditorium: "Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and Welcome to the 'The Harry Crook Theatre' for this evenings performance of 'Alice'. Please can you ensure that you turn all mobile phones and pagers off and can I please take this oppurtunity to remind you that photograhy and the use of cameras is strictly prohibitted during this evenings performance. Thank You

DSM: LXQ 2 & Sound Q 1 GO Start Stopwatch

C.D Set USLDSM: LXQ 3, Fly Q 1, Auto Q 1 & Deck Q 1 .. GO

Backstage: "Ladies and Gentlemen of the 'Alice' Company. Act One is now underway. Thank You"

C.D: "My Head Hurt"DSM: LX Q 4 .. GO Very Slow Fade

LX: Executed

etc. etc.

Now obviously everyone (even in the same country!) calls a show slightly differently but I would say the above is near the norm for British Shows! I look forward to seeing the differences around the globe!

Sam x

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