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The Green Room / Missing AEA Actor
« on: Jul 13, 2011, 12:46 am »
Hi All,

Not sure where is the best place to put this. 

Lawrence Ellignton Street, AEA member, missing in Louisville, CO, while choreographing The Wizard of Oz. Graduate of Carnegie Mellon, nobody from Art Underground Theater has been concerned to look for him. Missing four days. Notified HRC, news media Denver, theater itself, and AEA. Help find him, notify the Denver/Louisville PD who feel that Larry's disappearance is not important..likely because he is african-american and gay.

See more in the Denver Post Article below:

The Hardline / SPT SM Overtime Tech Week
« on: Nov 19, 2010, 03:10 pm »
This is my first show on an SPT contract.  The other contracts I've worked under provide an SM bump during tech and allows for more hours than the regular rehearsal hours.  SPT does not. 

So my question is how do you determine SM overtime during tech?  One person at Equity told me "any time you are required to be at the theatre," but I'm not so sure about this.  I know the hours the actors are called will be counted for SM's as well, but do tech notes count as work hours?  LORT specifically excludes "production meetings" during tech week to be counted as work hours but LORT also has the SM bump.


So here's a situation I'm dealing with and unfortunately it's not the first time; previously I refused a job due to similar circumstances.  So I thought I'd put it out there for you all to voice opinions. 

I'm preparing to stage manage an all African-American musical.  The director and I are both white.  While discussing logistics of the very short rehearsal process, the director felt it necessary to bring up the "fact" that the cast may need additional wrangling.  "Fore when dealing with an African-American cast it can be a bit like "Sunday at Church"", implying that they would be more focused on the social aspects of being together rather than being professionals and that getting work done would be difficult.

I found this very offensive, but have thus far refrained from saying so, due in part to the fact that there were several people in the room when this was stated and I did not want to pick a fight in front of others, some of those present are being mentored by this director.

Thoughts?  What would you do? 

I'm thinking of confronting the director privately about being offended by these remarks, but another part of me feels that holding my tongue is better as the process is only 2 weeks; the director leaves at opening and I have no plans of ever working with this person again.

Edited subject line-Rebbe

Employment / ShowBiz Expo in NYC
« on: Mar 25, 2010, 05:10 pm »
I was wondering if anyone has been to the ShowBiz Expo in NYC or LA.  I'm planning on attending this year in NYC and am not sure what to expect.  The website says to bring resumes and business cards, both of which I have.  I am familiar with the USITT Expo.  Is this anything like it?  Has anyone had success at networking/job seeking through this event?

The Hardline / Excluded from Opening Night Tickets
« on: Feb 05, 2010, 01:22 pm »
So here's my situation.  I'm working on a Mini Contract for a commercial production at a small venue (62 seats).  I was informed this morning that the PSM and myself (ASM), are not being offered tickets to Opening Night, however all of the members of the cast (5) have been offered tickets.  All of the Actors, PSM, and myself are AEA.  The Mini Rule Book states: Each Actor shall receive no less than 4 complimentary tickets, subject to availability, during the run of the Production.

What are your thoughts?  Is there any way I can argue this with the GM or AEA?

This is a pretty hot button issue for me...Producers/GM's treating Actors separate from Stage Managers.  It also doesn't help that is is my first Opening Night in NYC.

Does anyone know anything about the Show Production and Touring degree from Full Sail that is advertised on Backstagejobs?  With the job market being down, I've been considering additional training as most of the job posting I have seen are more for the technical side of theatre than the stage management side.  But I'm a bit wary since I've not heard of anyone attending this program except for the one post to this site a few years ago that no one answered.

Any thoughts?

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