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Stage Management: Other / bubble wrap and tarquette
« on: Mar 06, 2013, 03:48 am »
Hi dance people :)

So we are doing a contemporary dance show in a theatre with quite a hard floor. We will be laying tarquette but it has been suggested to me that we either need a second lot of tarquette to go under the white one that is the design look, or that we could lay bubble wrap under the tarquette! Has anyone ever done the latter?


Pencil, Pencil, Pencil!
thats all Im saying.


If the question were "cellphone vs. headset vs. A Good Microphone", you might have a point.

Exactly what I was thinking. God Mikes may be God Like in some stalls but they didnt even make the starting gate in 2012. While we are at it why dont we drag radios into the discussion? No, headsets have been ahead of the field for decades for a reason. VOTE HEADSETS TODAY.

How did Scale Rule even get five votes?

No, seriously. What's the rationale?

I hate a three ring binder. you then need a three hole punch. And lets face it there are other ways bind...spiral has a certain charm for instance. But a scale ruler rules the markup and makes one master of the plan. plus its cute and triangular and cant get lost inside the spirally bound score... scale rule MADE the rules and knows the plays.

As they enter the home stretch its neck and neck! This one may be won on the nod!

Tools of the Trade / Re: Useful iPhone apps?
« on: Dec 04, 2012, 07:39 am »
I heard maps has been submitted to the ap store for apple. I live in hope.

Gaffa IS the black gold. Really you have to have sympathy for Staples/Paperclips - they gotta know they are just going through the motions even walking out into the arena this round. Staples/Paperclips may rule the roost in the office or even in early rehearsals but Gaff works it where it counts in our biz - the rush to the stage finish. Hard to see a serious challenge to Gaff in these early bouts so its should be fresh in the final match ups. My money is on Gaff to go all the way.

i wish there was one of these for Sydney :)

The Green Room / Re: Trivia Tournament IV: Trivia's Revenge!!
« on: Sep 07, 2012, 07:39 pm »
Enjoy Australia!

The rehearsal room floor will be made of a material that takes well to spike tape, withstands abuse by tap shoes, and most importantly, is laid down in 1 foot by 1 foot squares.

why the small squares?

also, if you are travelling outside Seoul don't assume you will be able to get cash from ATM easily. Change more than you think you will need at the airport on arrival. In 2010 our first venue was three hours out of Seoul and there was no access to cash in a timeframe that worked and the per diems were  unexpectedly not available for reasons that are of no interest here! I used all the 'emergency' and my own cash providing 48 hours of per diems for the company...

Antler make really light weight wheelie suitcases. They have a great design where the base is wider than the to -the whole case is faintly triangular- so it doesn't topple over when full of korean gifts for the family... Only flaw in mine is that it doesnt expand. But I can pack it to be overweight anyway so doesnt really matter.

ps you might want to take some small gifts from home. korean crews seem to like getting pins/caramello koalas/etc...

Stage Management: Other / Re: Opera tips
« on: Mar 21, 2012, 12:12 pm »
Possibly going to prove myself a fool, but why do you need to find cough drops?
Over here, if singers need a VocalZone or Soother, they buy them!


same here.

Employment / Re: Choices to make: what would you do?
« on: Mar 20, 2012, 11:24 am »
I don't have enough understanding of the US scene to be able to comment in any useful way on your dilemma. The nuances are beyond me. But congrats on reaching this point - choices just keep coming at you through a career in the arts - this is just the beginning and you sound like you have a great handle on how to wade through the decision points.

The letting go without burning bridges should not be difficult. whichever you reject you just have to thank them politely and sincerely for the opportunity, explain you had a difficult choice but have accepted a different offer tis time, and ask them to think of you on another occasion. While they may be disappointed they will understand. These things happen every day of the week. Then stay in occasional touch. Of these things are networks buillt. Just make a timely decision and dont keep them hanging on past their deadline.

welcome out from lurking :)

And chookas with the choosing!


 'the Assistant Director insisted that the other ASM and I stand in for missing set elements while staging.'

Made me laugh. I remember stage managing a production of Elisir d'Amore. It was a touring production and featured a smallish chorus and large fence. I was required to be the fence at many rehearsals !

Strange life indeed!

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