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Looking for an SM that has done Miracle on 34th St. The Musical (Formerly titled Here's Love ) by Meredith Wilson and would let me pick their brain on the show. It's hard to find any information on it!

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The Green Room / Re: Stage Manager for DNC "cue the President"
« on: Aug 02, 2016, 01:06 pm »
Thank you for sharing this! Does anybody know how many SM's a national convention generally has? I'm curious..

Introductions / Re: *Insert Terrible Adele Pun Here*
« on: Mar 13, 2016, 11:26 pm »
Welcome from another fellow southerner!!! Being a theatre major in SEC football territory is definitely an experience!!

Whenever I am running the deck I always use run sheets. There might be a script in the wings and sometimes there is not, it usually depends on how the actors are doing with lines, whether it's a play or a large musical and simply the amount of wing space. Usually when I'm running deck for a large musical I find that there is simply not room for me to have my script backstage. I've also found that using just run sheets when backstage is not a problem when you really know your show as you should as an SM (PSM or ASM). In addition to my run sheets I usually have detailed cue sheets with me. It's convenient for me as I can easily fold them into a square and put them in my pocket when I need to hands-on deal with an issue.

The Hardline / Re: AEA Contracts
« on: Aug 08, 2015, 11:38 am »
Thank you both! I found what I needed through your links.

The Hardline / AEA Contracts
« on: Aug 05, 2015, 08:30 pm »
Hello all.
I used the search function and couldn't find what I was looking for but apologize if I overlooked something. I am looking for a list of the different types of Equity contracts.

Thanks in advance,


Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: The Ultimate Decision
« on: May 23, 2015, 03:56 pm »
I'd have to say that the Theatre found me. When I started high school my focus was getting into the Coast Guard once I graduated. I was in JROTC, the whole nine yards. While in JROTC I found myself as the manager for the drill teams and when we traveled to competitions and things I coordinated everything (everything that didn't require money that is, keep in mind this was Freshman/Sophomore year). Sophomore year I took Intro to Theatre because we had to have an arts elective and I have no talent in the visual arts whatsoever and my English teacher freshman year was also the drama department director/drama teacher. Because a friend of mine was going I ended up going with the drama department to New York City for spring break  and we saw several Broadway shows. Need I say more.

I got bit by the bug. I started into the Drama Department the end of my sophomore year. I ended up leaving JROTC completely my second semester because I was really no longer interested in anything to do with being in the military.  I ended up as an ASM junior year because my best friend was the stage manager at the time and as I started into stage management I realized how similar what I was doing was to my job as the drill team manager. This job came so naturally to me. Summer after my junior year I went to college auditions at the International Thespian Festival and senior year I was the stage manager for 3 of the 4 shows done that year. The rest is pretty much history! I ended up having to take a year off due to personal reasons and I worked at a local professional theatre company to make sure I kept up my training and I was accepted into the BFA SM program I wanted to be for this coming fall! I'm enjoying every day of it and looking forward to what the future has to offer!

College and Graduate Studies / Change of School
« on: Oct 07, 2014, 02:44 pm »
Hello all,

I graduated high school in May and was going to attend my dream university pursuing a BFA in Stage Management. I had poured my life into planning for this school for the past several months. Needless to say, when I arrived, I soon realized that I did not belong there. It had nothing to do with the theatre department there, I just did not vibe with the school (The people at the school were very closed minded and it wasn't a very welcoming atmosphere). I realized that I would not be able to succeed there so I came home. I am taking this semester and next semester off to rework my game plan on what university is right for me. I am here because I need suggestions for schools with a BFA Stage Management program. I realize this a very broad request, but this is because I'm back at square one in my search and I am very open to looking into any suggestions that you all have to offer.

Thanks in advance,


Thank you two so much for all of the advice. It is extremely helpful and I appreciate it very much. I feel a lot better about how I have my prompt books put together, and with your advice I can make them even better.

Thanks again,


This summer I will be auditioning for a scholarship at the International Thespian Festival for Stage Management. My question is regarding how to make my prompt books look as professional as possible when I present them. One of my stage manager friends suggested creating a cover page for the front cover of the prompt book binder, has anyone done this and if so, how do I make it look professional? Also, is there anything I can do to my prompt books to make them look more professional?

Thanks for your input,


Introductions / High School SM Looking For Guidance
« on: Mar 18, 2014, 09:40 pm »
Hello everyone,
My name is Grant Rogers,

I am currently a senior in High School in Louisiana.

My love for Theatre started in my freshman year when I went with our drama department. on a trip to New York City, we saw 4 Broadway shows and I was hooked. I started to realize my place in the Theatre just last year when I was ASM on "Spitfire Grill: The Musical" at my school. My friend Allison was the SM and I have always looked up to her in the Drama Dept. She, as well as our director encouraged me to keep pursuing Stage Management. This past summer, I was ASM on a local community theatre production of "Les Miserables", and I recently just Stage Managed my first show, "Bang Bang, You're Dead" which my department did as part of a high school theatre festival. I am currently working on my second show as Stage Manager, "South Pacific" with my high school drama department. I have been lucky enough to have an AEA Stage Manager, as well as a community theatre Stage Manager as mentors as I embark on my Stage Management journey, and I hope that this site can help me continue to grow as a Stage Manager for years to come as I begin college and beyond.

Thanks for having me!
Grant Rogers

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