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Howdy All,

The GM / Executive Director of my company is a theatre veteran and kind of runs things his own way. He was just reinstated after being fired two years prior which this, as you can imagine, has had a lot of drama centered around. It has gotten to the point that the new Theatre Management has not been present at our entire tech process / dress rehearsals (including our Production Supervisor) because they felt an actor would cause a scene. Well, that is what we (my ASM and I) were told when we went to ask for help because a)Theatre Management wasn't present and b) the Director had started to say inappropriate / inflammatory things to the actors. The situation (thankfully right before dinner break) got out of our control, but we we're openly dismissed by him in the office.

Anyway, he has now demanded that we print out a hard copy of our reports everyday and leave it on his desk, because 'sometimes he cannot get to his email.'  We have no SM Office or any sort of facilities to print. And we don't rehearse in the theatre, so we have no real reason to head over there other than to place a hard copy on his desk. The only way we could make this happen would be to head to the office and have someone who is already in there print it out which sounds quite inefficient to me.

He has an assistant, but he feels that it is our duty as stage managers to give him a hard copy. He also says that we don't know how to do our jobs based solely on our qualms against this.

Any advice?

Thanks so much!

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