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Hi, looking for a digital (word or pdf) script for Twelve Angry Men/Twelve Angry Jurors?

Please message if you have a copy! Thanks!

I think it is very helpful

I actually plan them after the process begins and a set design is done

That way we can figure out everything that needs to be figured out and just get them done

I think they work

Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: High School SM
« on: Feb 12, 2013, 12:20 am »
I have been a high school, and community theater, SM for a few years now (I started as a freshmen) and I have a few tips

1) Start off differentiating yourself from the cast. They can't see you as a peer. You have to be held to the level of respect they give the director. Make that clear

2) Talk to the director and have a meeting about what each of your duties are. Also see if the director makes the sign cast contracts, make sure to get a copy of each one, if they exist. Having a signed document showing how each member broke a rule is invaluable in dealing with improper rehearsal etiquette

3) Be on book at all times. You never know when an actor will call 'line'

4) Memorize the rehearsal schedule (or even better- make the schedule). The actors will ask you constantly. Set up a call board as well. Talk to your school administration to find a location

5) Have a master script for all the blocking. This is essential. Especially if the director doesn't record blocking as a few of the directors I have worked for

6) Contact the entire production staff (costumer, tech director, prop master (if there isn't on, find on), etc...) and set up a meeting. You will be the main liaison between these people, so it is important to start off looking professional and on top of it

Private message me if you have any more questions or specific problems



The Green Room / Re: Live Animals Onstage.
« on: Jan 12, 2013, 04:35 pm »
The last time I have worked with a live animal for a show was with Pippin and we had it handed to the lead offstage. Whenever he put it down, it didn't do what we wanted

Obviously that won't work if the animal has to run. Maybe a laser pointer? Or some dog food on the other side?

Live animals are such a variable, I would avoid using a cast member's animal, if you have a budget you could try to get a professionally trained dog

I want to go to college to study the stage management craft and get either a BFA or BA. My main top choices are Emerson, Purchase, or NYU: Tisch.

I think Tisch has the best name recognition and I love that NYC is "the campus," but I am worried that it won't be able to offer me a good education for stage management.

The website only mentions on stage management class and that is for film, not performing arts.

Has anyone gone to/or know how the stage management program works at NYU?

Thank you

A digital light board is used to make every show

I use a binder to make my life easier.

Necessity over personal preference

Thanks for all the responses guys. Man, I love this site

I will definitely look back on my past shows and see what my label should be. I will also talk to the director and producer. My responsibilities have surely changed depending the show. For example, when I was SM for Pippin, there were three ASMs below me and I basically just oversaw the process and their training, but didn't do most of the "field work(?)" with blocking, being on book, for situations like that I will probably put down PSM

Thank you all so much

For both companies,I usually put together the Production Staff and Technical Crew portion of the playbill myself. And therefore, I am listed as Stage Manager.

But, for future shows I could change that. Depending on what sounds better.


Hey guys, I am in process of creating my portfolio and resume for college and for employment at community theaters around my area and one question I have is regarding my title.

Some stage management resumes have people listed as PSMs and SMs for different shows. Now for my school and for the community theater where I am currently employed, I am stage manager and I start from the beginning of the process (pre-auditions) to calling the show and post-production "clean up."

I know that some productions, mostly touring, have an SM through the rehearsal process, and then a PSM comes in to call the show. I also know that some other productions, have the PSM on the top of the metaphorical pyramid, then SMs, then ASMS.

Therefore on my resume, if I put SM, could that be looked upon that I was a lower position than I actually am (i.e. Another student was a PSM above me).

Collectively, on my resume should I put PSM or SM for all of the shows I stage managed (not assistant stage managed)?

Thank you

P.S. If anyone is currently a student at, or an alumni of, SUNY Purchase's stage management program, I would love to talk to you about the experience. That is, at this point, one of my top choices to get a BFA, the others being NYU Tisch and Emerson. Please PM me. Thanks!

Tools of the Trade / Re: Discussing drills
« on: Nov 17, 2012, 12:12 am »
I love Dewalt. They are super reliable and strong. The battery lasts long and charges fast. I also love that they magnetically attract the screws so that they don't fall to the floor after an unscrewing job.

They have leds as well, which are great, but I don't think that is unique

The Green Room / Re: Smallest Audience Size
« on: Nov 07, 2012, 07:18 pm »
Well at my school, we usually get 200+ per night performance and 50+ for the matinee. One of our shows, Animal Farm, had the matinee the day after school closed. We had literally 15 people in the audience. The director's father was one of them, there were no students......sigh

But, since we decided to no longer have shows the day after school closed, everything has gone well. Storms have shut down performances although for me though.

Tools of the Trade / Re: PROP: Ten Little Indian Dolls
« on: Nov 04, 2012, 10:57 pm »
The show just closed and I want to thank you all for the help once again.

In the end we just went to a ceramics store as they were putting up their halloween/thanksgiving goods up and we bought cheap "Thanksgiving Indians, pumpkins and all." They did the job


Tools of the Trade / Re: EDITING: Progam to edit sound effects?
« on: Nov 04, 2012, 10:54 pm »
To edit one sound audacity is the best. It is very simple and works very well

Final Cut Pro also works well for putting different sounds together. i.e. putting a fog horn on top of seagulls cawing. But not cheap

I say go with audacity. For running the sound, qlab is the one to go with

The Green Room / Re: SANDY!
« on: Oct 29, 2012, 04:58 pm »
Sandy is making my life worse...

We are out three days of school, for a show that opens on Friday!!

It is Guys and Dolls and very technical. Big set, lots of light cues, many flies, etc..

So we are going to have to put the show on with only two days of tech. rehearsal.....

Oh dear

I am looking for the musicals "South Pacific" and "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"

Thanks, any format would be great! Please PM for email!

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