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Tools of the Trade / Touring truck kits
« on: Jan 06, 2017, 01:12 pm »
Hi all, For those of you who tour regularly especially if you tour via van or bus what do you find indispensable to have in their with you? I'm trying to standardize the "truck kits" I send out on the road with my shows, any input is greatly appreciated!! 

Tools of the Trade / Re: Scooped Ice Cream on stage
« on: Jun 03, 2016, 03:26 pm »
I would again recommend the mashed potatoes. Stickiness is something to be avoided at all costs! And if you make them with water not any dairy they will taste like garbage but will take much longer to spoil.

Good luck!

The Hardline / Re: Applying for a Hiatus week
« on: May 13, 2016, 11:25 am »
Yes Canada. Basically its a contract with Equity itself making them aware of an upcoming production the scope the category and whom you intend on casting and hiring. We work under the ITA (independant theatre agreement) so I've attached the prod. registration form here

The Hardline / Applying for a Hiatus week
« on: Apr 26, 2016, 01:13 pm »
Hi all,

  I am applying for a hiatus week for an upcoming production and have to add it as an addedum to my production registration. Does anyone have sample wording for this I could steal? I am really terrible at writing in legalize

The Hardline / Re: Actor/ASMs on a TYA contract
« on: Mar 10, 2016, 03:15 pm »
I am working under Canadian regulations so it is a bit different but we don't have to designate as an ASM to have actors help with load in etc. We just pay over minimum and add the addendum of that they are responsible for set up and tear down and maintenance from time to time.

Tools of the Trade / Re: Stage Management Software
« on: Mar 10, 2016, 03:03 pm »
Hi all,  We have recently switched over to Google Forms for show reports. It's made a lot of stuff faster we found and it allows us to be really specific about what we need and not have to sift through notes to pick out things. We are a touring company so we need to track truck odometer, venue reviews and information on top of normal show report things. The graphics are also really nice for grant applications!

Tools of the Trade / Re: Keeping Spike tape down...
« on: Mar 10, 2016, 02:58 pm »
Clear packing tape works wonders! No residue or anything and it has always stayed down for me. I usually put it down the first day of tech week just in case the director makes any changes.

I would be careful when working in outdoor theater. Clear packing tape will leave a residue and sometimes will melt into the deck.

its also a HUGE pain to get up. It's also slippery so if you are working with dancers that can be a big issue

I agree with the above. Dancers are more used to being injured and its not uncommon. I also find that there is more likely to be a company manager who will deal with the associated paperwork for injuries alongside you. Dancers I have found are a lot more self sufficient than actors.

Things I've added (both as a touring SM, PM, and venue coordinator for a road house)

-always talk on the phone to people to check in as well. You'd be surprised how much gets lost in email
-always ask if your contact will be your point person day of. If not who are they and what is their cell # if they will provide it (the number of venues I've walked into where my contact was not there that day and the lead was given NONE of my information and yes these were large american IA houses)
-location/directions to loading dock AND performer entrance (these are frequently different and "around back" just doesn't cut it for loading dock instructions especially in large multi venue complexes, universities etc.
-crew breaks, are they staggered? Are they willing to stagger so working time is not lost especially if dark time is needed for focus. When crew are on break is the space open to use or is it everyone out? If it's everyone out does shutting down the space and booting it back up come out of break time or your time?

The best advice I can give is expect nothing and thank them for everything. Crew's chat and techs love to complain (I am guilty of this too!) and presenters like to keep their people happy-ish and you don't want to be the one responsible for when your company doesn't get booked again.

Happy touring!

No. It is dealing extensively with CTA/ITA but as a manager you do not need to be CAEA.

Job Title: Tour and Company Manager (1 year maternity leave with possible extension)

Reports to: Production Manager

Reporting Staff: Works in conjunction with Stage Management

Salary: This is a full-time seasonal salaried position. Please submit salary expectations.

Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, February 16th at 5pm

Submission Requirements: Please e-mail cover letter with salary expectations and resume as one PDF document to Annemieke Wade at

Job Description:
The Tour and Company Manager is responsible for all travel arrangements, planning and staff coordination, record keeping, scheduling, data management as well as implementing changes based on feedback related to Roseneath Theatre’s touring activities each season. Working closely with the tour’s Stage Manager, the Tour and Company Manager will arrange for and coordinate all travel and accommodation for the touring productions. In addition, the employee in this position provides support to the Managing Director by assisting with the collection of granting statistics, show reports, records of per diem/ payroll, and overtime budgets for each production, ensuring that everything remains on budget.

The Tour and Company Manager is the designated first responder to field any scheduling problems that arise, or questions and concerns in relation to the touring staff, lodgings, and performance venues. During active tours, the Tour and Company Manager will be on call 24/7 for this purpose.


Travel Coordination:
Travel Coordination refers to all travel arrangements made throughout both the planning and active tour stages of Roseneath Theatre productions touring in Ontario as well as across Canada and the United States.
The Tour and Company Manager is responsible for certain administrative duties with regard to the specific tours of the season. This shall include dealing with contracts, show reports, financial records, and mail.
Financial Management:
The Tour and Company Manager has financial responsibility, as it relates to the tours and affiliated staff. Ensuring that touring costs fall within the given budgetary restrictions, and all staff are properly compensated as designated by Equity, and the ITA.
Additional Responsibilities:
The following duties will be performed on a case-by-case basis: assisting with creation of School and Theatre technical riders, writing and maintaining training documents. Assisting the Production Manager with duties during pre-production, archival videos, Roseneath’s Annual Fundraisers, etc.

Formal Education, Qualifications, and Key Competencies Required:
Bachelor of Fine Arts-Theatre Production/MBA or equivalent, and 3-5 years experience in Theatre Production or professional performing arts, preferably in an administrative capacity.
● Strong sense of initiative and problem-solving skills required.
● Availability to manage the responsibilities of the position on an on-call basis during certain weeks of the touring season.
● Knowledge of union and associations relating to theatre production and respective union contracts.
● Ability to work independently, and also manage the team of touring staff.
● Develop methods to disseminate information about the tour to the appropriate staff in an organized, accessible fashion.
● Highly organized nature, with a keen sense of the importance of updating schedules and records.
● Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs required as well as some familiarity with Sumac, or other Customer Relationship Management database software an asset.

Roseneath Theatre is committed to ensuring that members of equity seeking communities have equitable access to employment. We are committed to maintaining an environment where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect and are free from all forms of discriminatory treatment, behaviour or practice.

Self-Promotion / New Ballet in NYC in August
« on: Jul 07, 2015, 03:17 pm »
Hi all,
  I am working on a new ballet by Choreographer Claudia Schreier. Its an evening of her works including several world premieres. The company features dancers from Pennsylvania Ballet, New York City Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada and others! I'm so excited!  We do need help though as of right now our choreographer is paying everyone out of pocket with no potential for profit as the producer is taking all ticket sales so please help if you can.

Tools of the Trade / Re: Google Docs.
« on: Jul 06, 2015, 10:51 am »
When you upload it as an excel (or word doc) it will show up in your drive as an excel or word, open them and then at the top of the document it will as you open with, that is a drop down menu which will allow you to open it with docs or sheets and will create a duplicate that is a sheets or doc file, it will leave your original in tact through editing as well. And you can always export back to a .docx or .xlsx for people who just can't get on the google bandwagon.
 I find it a godsend when I'm going through script changes for instance after hours and I REALLY don't want to spend another minute at the office I'll go home, put on some sweats and log on with whomever it is I am doing the editing with and get it done

Super helpful thanks!

Here is a sample rehearsal report from a show I did at the beginning of the season. Usually it comes in right at one page but this was a particularly busy day. I use basically the same template for my show reports.

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