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Homework Help / Thesis Research
« on: Oct 30, 2009, 12:09 pm »
Hey guys the time I have to write my thesis is dwindling quickly and I need help pronto....These are the questions I will be asking. However, I now need to get consent from all who wish to participate. If you could please e-mail me at if you are interested in helping that would be great. I can make sure that you are kept annonymous if need be or i can print information from you under a false name. Please help me professionals I need it bad. I can write this thesis without you, but I don't want to. I think the academic world needs more information on how we, as stage managers, handle the shit that goes on back stage. Again, please help me. I hate to beg but I have two months until it is due, and I have been waiting for 3. Thank you again for your time.

1. What is your personal job description of a stage manager?
2. How do you handle pre-prodcution?
3. Have any crisis situations come up in pre-production? And how have they been handled?
4. How do you distribute your duties to your ASM(s) during the rehearsal period?
5. How do you handle tech and tech week?
6. Have any crisis situations happened during your rehearsal periods? How have they been handled?
7. What is your regiment during production work? (some sm's cage fight, some do yoga, what do you do to release tension and stress?)
8. How many shows do you as a stage manager typically handle at once?
9. Favorite production crisis or issue that has arisen?
10. What is the worst issue or crisis you had to handle in your sm career?
11. What is the most embarrassing moment in your sm career?

If you have had Murphy's Law shows, or would like to pm me these answers that would be fine. If you have questions about this project feel free to ask, I love talking about it. Stage Management is a passion of mine, and so is crisis management, two really weird passions I know. Thank you again for all of your help on this project. I could not pull it off without you guys.

-Renee C.

This post has been approved. Thanks for following the rules, Renee! --PSMK

Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: Mentorship Program
« on: Oct 26, 2009, 02:37 pm »
I would love to be apart of a mentor program. I am just starting out in the Stage Management gig and have grown to love it. I started my Masters not really know what I wanted to do with life, and got swept up by it. It was never something that I had wanted to do since high school, I have kinda floated around in the theatre. However, now that I am doing it I am loving it. I just wish it was easier to know what to do. I ask my college profs and they all say to go and get my MFA. So that's the plan, but I would love to get into the professional world.

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