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Anybody have a digital copy of the West Side Story libretto?  I'd greatly appreciate it, send me a PM.  Thanks in advance.

The Green Room / Re: BTDT help and discussion
« on: Oct 17, 2010, 06:44 pm »
I entered a first name, and it's still displaying in my profile - The Ladies of the Camellias by Lillian Groag. I'm not sure if it needs to be fixed or if it's a display issue (if it's already been fixed and is still displayed that way).

Either way, this is a *brilliant* feature. Thanks, Kay.

BTDT updated. 

The Green Room / Re: Summer projects
« on: Jun 26, 2010, 03:32 pm »
I'm super excited because I'm SMing a production of Songs for a New World, which my school is taking overseas to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.

I have been in a situation similar to this and I found that the best thing to do was to was just casually go over the responsibilities that the ASM is going to have, and the responsibilities that the SM is going to have.  Clarifying the boundaries of who does what could help him realize that he is not the one in charge, and that he will be doing a different job.  It should just appear as a friendly reminder, but it can go a long way.

Also, writing up a hard copy of the responsibilities will help "set in stone" what each of you are doing, and hopefully persuade him to do his job, not yours.

Snow...lots of snow...well maybe not that much, but enough to make the entire state of RI drive like: a jittery teenager who just got their permit/a stereotypical elderly person/insert your idea of a bad driver here.... Even though I like driving in the snow, it didn't stop my car from lodging itself into a snow bank on the way home from getting some iced coffee the morning after the blizzard...but I digress.  We extended the run of the show as to allow people to reschedule.

As a fellow Rhode Islander, I remember that storm all too well.  School was canceled, and although we didn't have to cancel any performances, the school closings put is seriously behind in our rehearsal schedule.

The Green Room / Re: Best one-liner from a performance report
« on: Mar 30, 2010, 05:33 pm »
There is a buildup of fairy-dust near the edges of the stage that needs to be dealt with.

The Green Room / Re: show us your booth!
« on: Mar 15, 2010, 09:07 pm »
Here's the booth at my high school.  I usually call from a music stand behind the sound and light ops.  This is my fourth year calling shows in it, and will be in it for two more, until I graduate.  It feels a little bit like home...

Tools of the Trade / Re: EDITING: Progam to edit sound effects?
« on: Jan 10, 2010, 03:49 pm »
For basic sound editing, Garageband, which comes packaged with all macs works really well.  If you don't have a mac, Audacity, a free program that works pretty well for basic editing would be a good choice.

Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: Shadowing in NYC
« on: Jan 05, 2010, 06:04 pm »
Not sure about any specific special programs, but this thread might help.,2995.0.html

Does anyone have a copy of Hello Dolly?  We start in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone had a typed version.  If you do you can reach me at

Thanks in advance.

Students and Novice Stage Managers / Libretto vs. Score
« on: Jun 25, 2009, 08:53 pm »
For the summer show at my school, we are doing "Showtune", which is basically a bunch of Jerry Herman songs stuck together into a hour and a half, 40 song revue.  I've never SM'd a show like this before, and I was wondering what the best way to take down blocking/choreography and create the calling script is.  I could either do it in the libretto, or the score.  I can read music, and am leaning towards using the score.  Please give me any and all advice, or experiences doing a show like this.

Thanks in advance

Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: Shadowing: General Q&A
« on: Jun 03, 2009, 05:33 pm »
Really this is a  kind of stupid question, but here goes:

You don't usually buy a ticket for the show that you want to shadow, right?
Or do you?

sorry, I'm really interested in shadowing, I just haven't done it yet.

Anyone have "Little Shop of Horrors"?

Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: Explaining Yourself
« on: Apr 22, 2009, 07:52 pm »
I usually tell people that I make the show go smoothly, by organizing and sharing information.
I've heard other SM's describe the job as "being in charge of everything".  It's kind of true, but you sound like a real jerk if you put it that way.

Does anyone have "My One and Only".


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