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Anyway for the attachment issue to get resolved? None of the attachments open on any of these posts.

I worked for a company that did this every summer. What worked best for us was:

    -Having the deck painted a motif that works for all productions (usually it was wide "floor boards" and sometimes a toned down Jackson potluck style lol--always some shade of brown, cause that's what worked for our shows).

    -Each show had it's own spike color, using as minimal spikes as possible.

    -Each colored spike was covered with clear Marley tape (if there isn't dancing or busy foot work in the show than clear packaging tape would work in a pinch, temporarily).

    -During changeovers, one person went through and covered the previous shows spikes with brown gaff tape and wrote the show number on it. And then tore the brown gaff off that next shows spikes (obviously, make a spike chart to double check).

-All immovable scenic elements were "spiked" with a sharpie or paint pen. Didn't need to cover any of these by show because they weren't noticeable from offstage in our venue.

This routine works for our team for many summers with 3-5 shows in the same space in rep.

The Green Room / Search error on website
« on: Jan 27, 2020, 03:59 pm »
Is anyone else having issues with the search feature on this site?
I've tried using the top right search box, which takes me to a blank page. I've also tried searching via the "search" tab on the upper left, which yields the same results. 

I've had this issue for a while now (using both Safari and Chrome). Help?

Thanks in advance.


Stage Management: Other / Re: Not allowed to use spike tape
« on: Aug 21, 2019, 06:16 pm »
Is it a solid surfaced floor or does it have some kind of pattern on it that you could use for easy reference points?

Will they allow any kind of tape? I've used painter's tape before instead of spike(just for reference points; even if they have to be struck and re-marked each day). If no adhesive thing of any kind is allowed, then if you just need reference point for during rehearsal then try anything that's small and weighted. I've used small blocks of wood, rocks, even those removable suction cups on hardwood floor (the ones used for windows; just take a colored sharpie to them, since they're usually clear).

For quick re-taping, if you don't want to use a measuring tape every time (though Iv'e found often it's the quickest method), I've used string/ribbon cut to the lengths of some of the walls and then just laid them all out before rehearsal started and marked the needed points for rehearsal reference.
Hopefully others will have ideas as well.

Employment / Re: Not Working
« on: May 01, 2019, 06:00 pm »
I know I'm a little late to this but...

They're fairly responsive if you reach out to them via twitter. Any time I've had issues with their website and messaged them, they've responded within the day.

In a recent production we sprayed the mugs in a light coat of plasti-dip, so when they broke, it wasn't into a million pieces and more contained.

I would suggest you go back and correct the grammar on your first posts before you proceed.

 ::) the

Tools of the Trade / Re: Online Callboards
« on: Jul 14, 2016, 03:29 pm »
Hi all, Has anyone had any further experience with Pluses and minuses ?

It's great to read about others who are working in these types of non-traditional environments (though in NYC, it feels like it's becoming traditional). I feel like working in an immersive production can really enhance one's view of how to read people(both patrons and performers) and create a whole new avenue of problem solving on a day to day basis. Along with being a really exciting experience.

Interesting! I'd very much be interested in seeing an example of that layout!


 Whatever you decide, it's helpful to put a "key" in the front of the book explaining your shorthand, in case someone else has to read it. You can put a little diagram of the stage, and mark off which area is "UR", "UL", etc

I second this. You can use whatever notation you'd like. But having a blocking key is extremely helpful, especially if someone has to take over the show, or rehearse an understudy, etc.
But don't overthink it. If no one else can understand it - even with the help of a key - then it's pointless.   

Stage Management: Other / Re: Rehearsal DVDs becoming obsolete
« on: Feb 05, 2015, 01:51 pm »
I agree with using private youtube and vimeo for dance companies. I know many choreographers and dance companies who have gone this route and there hasn't seemed to be any negative affects.

Anyone have:

-A Funny Thing Happened....
-Musical the Musical
-Elephant Man
-Tons of Money


The Green Room / Re: SM Tumblr
« on: Apr 29, 2013, 09:45 pm »
Thanks for sharing. I don't know how I haven't seen this before!

The Green Room / Re: 54 uses for Binder clips
« on: Jul 14, 2012, 12:29 pm »
I've used the large ones with tie-line to side stretch a cyc last minute.

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