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Introductions / I've finally joined!!
« on: Sep 08, 2020, 10:12 pm »
My name is Lily and I'm a stage manager in the United States for now. I'm a nomad that moves around wherever the wind takes me, and I hope to move to the U.K. to go to grad school in the next year. I've been using the SMNetwork as a guest to find answers to questions for so many years, but I only just now signed up, and I'm glad I did! Hoping now I can provide answers for others on their SM journey too. In my free time (which is abundant nowadays) I like to read and write, and I even have a blog dedicated to stage management & travel! One piece of trivia I recently learned is that Traverse City, Michigan is the Cherry Capital of the World and it produces 40 percent of tart cherries in the U.S.!

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