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Cruise line SM needed
« on: Nov 29, 2014, 12:38 am »
This was posted on Linked In - all info is below, please don't ask me anything cuz I don't know!

Paul Byrne
Operations Manager for Entertainment Workshops & EW Production Services LTD
Good Afternoon,

We are looking for applicants who are willing to learn, work hard and gain further experience within the Cruising Entertainment sector and Sound and Light. We would like applicants that have basic Stage, Sound and lighting Skills.

We require these basics:

- Knowledge of Analogue &Digital Mixing desks and lighting desks
- Experience of working Production shows with multiple cues (Lights and Sound)
- Experience working with cabaret artists requesting sound checks etc..
- Must have basic AV knowledge - Power Point, Video projection, Scan converters etc

We currently have two opportunities for the right candidates for the position of Stage Manager - Basic Job outline and description below. This is based on 4 - 6 months contracts -

If you wish to apply for this job then please feel free to send a covering letter and a current CV to



Duties and Responsibilities:

• To provide full technical support for the Cruise Department including following

artists and personnel:

Visiting headline and cabaret artists,

Resident production show performers,

Guest lecturers and instructors,

Resident musicians,

Classical artists

“Local” entertainment presentations

And any other participants in the vessel’s entertainment and leisure programme.

• To supervise and control the hours and duties of spotlight operators and stage


• To provide full technical support and miscellaneous ancillary equipment for

visiting lecturers and instructors.

• Ensure correct dress code at all times.

• Attend all rehearsals.

• Ensure prompt attendance at all activities.

• To keep all ship’s stages tidy and well maintained.

• Ensure that all technical equipment in the entertainment department is functioning

correctly and, if not, to conduct proper reporting procedures in order to secure

appropriate repair/replacement.

• To ensure one Stage Manager is onboard at any time.

• Responsible for screening video films on ship’s television network and in the

cinema (including daily scroll)

• Responsible for ensuring that a suitable selection of recorded music is played in

public areas and through the ship’s television network

• Co-ordinate the receipt and delivery of videos, to and from the suppliers.

• To participate in the In Port Manning Rota.

• To be familiar with the Ship’s safety procedures in the case of an emergency.

• To be familiar with and comply with all rules and regulations as determined by the


• To participate in emergency drills as instructed by the Master.

• Experience:

• Wide range of work as sound operator in both Theatre and Live

Previous shipboard experience (preferred)