Author Topic: They're Coming to Take Me Away, and other stories from the catwalk  (Read 1754 times)

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Hey compadres.  Please don't ask what that subject line is about.  It's midnight and despite being in the theatre industry, I'm really a morning person...with insomnia.  Anyway, I write what I feel. 

A piece of personal trivia by way of introduction:  My first SM gig was in college.  The woman who called me was in charge of the opera program (I was a vocal performance major) and had seen fit to appoint herself director, musical director, conductor, and stage manager of a large production of Mozart's Magic Flute.  Come tech week, she apparently decided it was all too much (really, though??!) and asked if I would step in to SM.  In my naivete, I agreed.  It was a nightmare.  Cast of 40 singers (not actors...a very different breed), large auditorium in which I had never worked, and 0 experience.  And I looooved it.  Favorite moments include a singer walking off set because someone had got glue on her pair of scissors, Monostatos losing half his costume, and Sarastro going on stage with the words to his aria pasted to his staff on post-its.  Good times.

Despite the auspicious beginning, or because of it, or resulting in it, I have no formal training in this area.  Actually little formal training in theatre at all.  I've worked extensively as an actor (easier to be self-taught), recently made my directorial debut (not my forte), and really enjoy the dozen or so shows I've SM'd over the years.  I currently work with a small fringe company in Seattle as a founding member and jack of all trades.

I discovered this site only today and it has already proven chock full of invaluable information.  I'm looking forward to taking further advantage of that resource as part of the community.



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Welcome! The search function and the threads are a wealth of info, and feel free to ask all the questions you need.


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I'm still in show #1 so double digits seems a lofty goal.

With that as a first show, it could only get better.  I'm not ready for a cascade of mishaps and poor planning to happen to me. But it does sound like a fun idea to create a SM simulator (like the one for airplane pilots.) Make the chance of disasters more likely to occur than in the real world.

I started to think about worst case scenarios tonight when I asked if we had an emergency plan. Our auditorium is in a cellphone dead spot so dialing 911 from a cell phone won't work. And I now know where the landline phones are located. Ends up we have one EMT in the play too.