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Standby Intro...
« on: Aug 23, 2014, 07:43 pm »
...aaaand Intro GO!

Hey, I thought I'd go with the theme.  :)

Hello All!  My name is Teresa and I work in community theatre.  I majored in Theatre in college, was on hiatus for nearly twenty years, and started doing theatre again in '09. I mostly SM, but I have worked crew in various capacities as well.  It keeps me sane...yes, even during Tech Week!

Here is a story I like to tell.  Two years ago, I was SMing The 39 Steps.  Just gave the cast and crew 30 and my sound board operator tells me that the sound is not working.  OhhhhKayyyy.  We check all connections and about 20 to curtain, we still have not figured it out.  The box office manager has a full house and asked me when I would open house, after which I tell her that we cannot just yet and that there is a problem with the sound board.  She announces to the house that we are having technical difficulties with sound, and because sound is an integral part of the show that we cannot start without its being fixed, and that if anyone would like to be refunded their ticket or if they would like tickets to another performance that we would happily exchange their tickets.  In the meantime, the director (and also my sound board op for the night) calls a friend who is 1) a sound engineer, 2) happens to live 5 minutes from the theatre, and 3) happens to be home at that precise moment.  Sound Guy comes by and rigs a speaker temporarily.  Only one patron left, and that was due to illness.  When the box office manager announced that house was open, the crowd applauded in the loudest clapping I have heard in the lobby!  In the end, curtain was only 30 minutes late, but we proceeded to put on the best performance everrrrr.

I am so happy to have found this community.  Even though SMing isn't my day job (would that it were!), I take it just as seriously as the one that pays my bills.  I hope to share whatever info I know and contribute whatever experience I have had, and hope to gain some knowledge as well!


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Re: Standby Intro...
« Reply #1 on: Sep 04, 2014, 11:27 am »
Hi and welcome to the forums, Teresa! There's nothing like the rush of a last-minute fix- it gets everyone's adrenaline pumping! And nice to have an eager audience.