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SM at the Beach
« on: Dec 07, 2019, 12:47 am »

My name is Amanda and I'm a senior at Long Beach State majoring in theatre. I'm originally from the Central Valley and transferred to my current school with my AA in Theatre last fall. I fell into stage management and decided I'd like to do it as a career this spring. My background is in acting and I was in a show at a community theatre back home a few years ago that needed an ASM, and since I had the smallest role, I helped out as ASM. I didn't stage manage again until spring of this year when an email was sent to the undergrads in my department urgently asking for someone to replace an ASM for one of the main stage productions who had suddenly dropped out. I was the first to respond, so I got the gig and quickly realized that stage management is something that comes naturally to me and haven't looked back! At the beginning of this semester, I got to be THE stage manager for the first time and it was such an amazing experience! I'm currently stage managing a show at a local theatre that happens to be my first paid gig! I'm stage managing another main stage show at my school in the spring. I'm very lucky (and honestly quite surprised) at how fast everything has happened for me. It all just kind of happened!

My advice is to get to know every single person working on your show/at your theatre and make sure they know that they matter. I always make it a point to tell people how much I appreciate them and that they're doing a great job and that I genuinely care about them and their wellbeing. Be the good example. I've only worked non-union shows so far, but I make it a point to do things as close to Equity standards as possible. I've mostly worked with my friends and classmates and I want them to know how things SHOULD be and how/when to stand up for themselves and that I will stand up on their behalf if they want/need me to, no matter how big or small the show/venue is, union or non-union. I make sure to tell them when something we do is done the Equity way and explain it to them so they know. Coming from an acting background, I know how tedious some parts of the process can be for the cast (hello, tech week!), so I also explain WHY something is happening. So far, people really appreciate this!

My apologies for being so long-winded!


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Re: SM at the Beach
« Reply #1 on: Dec 07, 2019, 10:34 am »
Welcome Aboard Amanda!
I, too, am from the Central Valley - Modesto.
AND - I, too, am currently working in Orange County CA at the Laguna Playhouse!
PM me and we can chat offline!
Ordo ab chao


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Re: SM at the Beach
« Reply #2 on: Dec 07, 2019, 08:20 pm »
Welcome aboard, Amanda!