Author Topic: Looking for homework help? Read this first!  (Read 16140 times)

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Looking for homework help? Read this first!
« on: Dec 08, 2010, 07:25 pm »
We get a lot of requests from students for help with homework.  They require a lot of effort on the part of our members, and unfortunately a lot of these students never return to SMNetwork after completing their projects.  They also tend to involve the same questions over and over.  We're looking to build a community here.  So we've created some special rules for homework help.

1. If you're looking for help with a school assignment, your request should to in the Homework Help board.  If it appears anywhere else, it will be moved to Homework Help.
2. You must have made at least five posts elsewhere on the boards before you can post to Homework Help.  This allows you to get used to how we do things here, and figure out the lay of the land.
3. Certain questions are off-limits.  You can find a list here.
4. If you haven't made at least five posts, your question will not only be moved, but it will be locked until you've reached five posts.
5. We've got some other rules about Homework Help which can be found here.  Please read through those as well.
6. Curious as to why we did this? A lengthy discussion can be found here.

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