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A Re-Introduction
« on: Mar 06, 2014, 05:54 pm »
Hi all,

I posted in here for the first time a year or two ago and have since been a lurker, but have hardly posted. I graduated from the University of Florida a year ago with a concentration in stage management and have since been working as a non-Equity ASM in Florida (but earning EMC points and hopefully on my way to getting my card at some point in the future). I'm currently looking for jobs and am planning on moving. I don't have anywhere specific in mind, I'm really attracted to anyplace that I might be able to get work. I've met a number of people in the past year who are based in NYC, so if I have no specific obligations, I may just indulge my long-latent sense of adventure and move there.

Lurking this board has been largely helpful, particularly the employment section, but also reading what advice other SMs have about working and the industry. At times it feels a little bit lonely and isolated down here in Florida!



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Re: A Re-Introduction
« Reply #1 on: Mar 06, 2014, 09:50 pm »
Hello again Erin. I took a look at your two intros from March '13 and March '14 and I believe we've got a rara avis on our hands - you are cool as a cucumber! I don't recall many coming in here with quite as much of a laissez-faire approach to their careers and it's fun to see.

I wish I could recommend some sort of stage management variety pack for you to help you figure out what type of performance you really twig to, as I get the feeling there's something out there in the non-traditional realm that will grab you. I'd suggest shadowing in as many diverse types of shows as you can to help you find the right fit. I know we've got some great folks in Florida who might be able to help out.

If you're considering a geographic shift do stop by our assorted Regional boards to get the lowdown on your new intended home. They aren't visible until after you register, and I don't want you to miss out on them.

Thanks for coming back around, hope we'll see some great contributions from you and that we can help you to find the right new region and channel for your talents.