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I'm in the process of reworking my resume as I hit a point where I need to start lining up some more jobs, and while adding in shows I have done since the last update of my resume I look and am not fully happy with the layout.

I was wondering on a resume what people consider the important information to list.

I've seen some do it the following ways:

Job - Show Title - Theatre Company - Location - Dates

Show Title - Job - Director - Theatre

I'm just wondering what others do and what reason you chose the listings.  I mean i know show title, theatre company and job title are all needed items, but why would you say choose to list the date, director, or locations.

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I don't list dates unless they're in the title (Choreographer's Showcase 2006) or for the one show I did 5 years in a row with different cities each time.  (Each year of the show gets its own line in my current resume.)

My feeling is that otherwise, someone may decide you work too sporadically or not recent enough if you list every date.  Plus it takes up room I'd prefer to use with other things.


On my resume


Show Title      Director     Position    Theatre

Attached is the PDF version of my current resume (which lists all shows currently contracted thru the end of the season . . . it's not perfect . . . as I have some blanks for some info coming up . . . but I have not sent out a resume in two years . . . I don't expect to send one in awhile.)

Hope this helps.

I do the following:

Show Title        Position      Director      Theater     Date

Company          Position      Director/ Choreographer    Title      Date

Since I was a resident with a company for several years, I have given that a separate section and I don't list the theater's name each time.

Having looked at many resumes, I think it's important to have the year listed, so people can see when you worked at which company.

I've done mine a couple ways...right now it's this way

Stage Manager
Company   Production   Director   Conductor  Year

Assistant Stage Manager
Company   Production  Director  Conductor  Year

For the productions that don't have a conductor, I just leave it blank.  And I group repeat jobs at a company together, which is clarified with having the year there.  It's clearer that I've been asked back somewhere.  I also only have listed what fits on one page, and what looks best, not a full vita.


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