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« on: Mar 14, 2006, 11:29 am »
So I  have worked quite a few SM jobs but only at the Univ. I go to and around town so I have never had to interview per say for a job as of yet. I just walked in and said hey, do you need anyone to SM because I'm available and I'd like to SM for you and they'd let me. Course I wasn't being offered any sort of money for it either. I have my first phone interview today and I am so nervous it's ridiculous. One of my friends recommended me and then my last director who was on my resume of course, received a phone call from that same company. My old director calls me up saying that he said a lot of wonderful things about me and don't dissappoint him. That combined with my friend basically telling me the same thing. It is making me really nervous. I'm basically looking for encouragement and any advice.


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« Reply #1 on: Mar 14, 2006, 01:59 pm »
Just present yourself, in the best way, but honestly.  Be prepared with some of your own questions about the theatre, if you don't know about it.  Or even doublecheck things you think you know, so it shows that you're interested in learning about them.  "So, I see that you have a proscenium theatre...and you do NOT have a fly space, correct?"  Have in mind what you'd like to learn from the job, as well as what you've done in the past that can best help THEM.  And be a real person, not some overly sweet trying-all-the-right-answers person.  You do already have one person who spoke well of you, so you're off on the right foot.

I'd recommend having either pen and paper or a computer in front of you too, during the interview, so you can take your own'll probably be so nervous you'll forget much of what was can refer to it later, or even back during the same interview.

And there will always be more interviews...we hope.

Best of luck,