Author Topic: Desperately seeking advice.....  (Read 2399 times)

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Desperately seeking advice.....
« on: Oct 21, 2006, 09:27 pm »
Hi everyone,

I am really hoping to return to SM after a bit of a hiatus, and would love some guidance as to how to go about doing that. I am CAEA - though I have gotten waivers before. Any advice?



Mac Calder

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Re: Desperately seeking advice.....
« Reply #1 on: Oct 22, 2006, 01:56 am »
Canvasing the town with CV's is usually a good start. Re-establish any connections you can with producers and directors - I think 20% of my work comes from producers and directors liking the work I have done and requesting my services on another job. The biz really is all about contacts.