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Author Topic: WEBSITES Division Semis: Youtube vs Offstagejobs  (Read 6519 times)

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WEBSITES Division Semis: Youtube vs Offstagejobs
« on: Dec 18, 2014, 12:00 am »
It's Youtube facing off against Offstagejobs in this semi-final match. Both teams breezed through their first match but there's no telling what could happen when two strong teams like this meet.

Offstagejobs has the advantage of its widely-accepted utility as a job hunting tool. SMs and theatre folk of all kinds have found jobs through its frequently-updated postings.

Youtube's got the popular support of the world at large. Less a stage management tool, and more a life tool/entertainment/distraction, this team is certainly more versatile than its competitor. But does it have a strong enough defense to repel Offstagejobs' focused attack?

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