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Author Topic: SUGAR BOWL: Texting vs Webmail  (Read 7761 times)

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SUGAR BOWL: Texting vs Webmail
« on: Dec 25, 2014, 12:10 am »
The Sugar Bowl this year pits short-form/modern against long-form/old school, serving as a reminder to all of us that email is definitely "old school".

Short and doughty, Text Messaging has roundly claimed in the Division finals that there is no real substitute. However, as it stares down the court at Webmail it may be thinking about eating its words.

Two immediate written forms of communication are before you this week. One is short, sweet, and potentially expensive for those without unlimited phone service. The other is longer, more elegant and free, but the little problem of SPAM has weighed down its offensive pushes before.

You have one full week to decide which one moves on to the finals.