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December Madness 2: Digital Boogaloo (Starts 12/1/2014!)

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Well, as I write there's still 2 minutes on the clock, but the Software and Apps matches for this round are pretty much decided. Not even a Hail Mary could turn the tide now.

The Software and Apps matches this past round were pretty much no contest on both fronts. Despite some confessions of indecision in both games, the victors were ahead from the start and the point spreads were enormous.

In what we're calling a "bad photo op" match up, Clock vanquished Camera 23-3, and Qlab took out Photoshop 21-3. Image may be everything in the rest of the world, but for stage managers there are more important concerns. The SMs have made it plain that being aware of and in control of the passage of time is more important than archiving moments as they pass.

And now over to Maribeth for Social and Websites.

SMNetwork blows away the competition over in the Social arena! LinkedIn had some good plays, but the SMNetwork team was altogether stronger on the field. Fans came out for both teams, but in the end, it was SMNetwork who had the last word in this match.

Offstagejobs did not have quite as easy time this round- it really had to work against the popular Youtube team. Our experts credit the job-hunting talents on this Offstagejobs team for its hard-fought victory. This was a close game and Offstagejobs will have their work cut out for them in the next round to maintain their standing against a strong team like Webmail.

The next round is where the heavyweights meet their match- SMNetwork vs Facebook, and Offstagejobs vs Webmail in the division finals!

Well kids, it's Christmas in most of the world, and it's the end of the December Madness Divisions as we know them.

Today we enter the semi-finals. Only three matches remain between the last contestants and victory. Two of those matches begin today.

We have said farewell to some favorites in this past round. In fact, all industry-specific tools have been eliminated at this point in favor of mass-market products that stage managers have made their own.

In the Apps Division final Clock couldn't keep up with Text Messaging, narrowly missing the pennant by 4 votes. This was SMS's toughest battle to date, but it came out ahead, 16-12. Social network monster Facebook ravaged yet another online stage management community, eliminating SMNetwork 16-10. The Tumblr folks needn't feel too bad about their performance in the Division semis - if SMNet can't win on its home turf, Tumblr didn't stand a chance either. Meanwhile over in the Software division, Excel handily beat out Qlab 20-9, proving that Microsoft actually *has* done something good for the arts after all. Finally, SMs made it very clear that doing their jobs is more important than finding new ones as Webmail triumphs over 23-3 to take home the pennant for the Websites Division.

This week you will have a full 7 days to decide which tools will move on to the finals.

We'll know on New Year's Day!

The finals have begun! The semifinals were a catastrophe of sloppy defense on the parts of Facebook and Text Messaging, who lost their respective matches against Excel and Webmail with atrociously large point spreads. (Excel 31 - Facebook 0, Webmail 21 - Texting 4)

This is the big one, folks. No point in dallying around here. Go vote!

And that's the whistle, folks! After 5 weeks of voting and intense competition, December Madness 2 is over!

The winner, at 21 votes to 10 against, in a surprise upset is...


Webmail has been the quiet winner throughout the entire tournament. No discussion, no debate, no close matches. Although Excel had its strong proponents and survived battles against some very tough competition, stage managers voted in favor of communication instead of organization as the critical element of the job.

Thanks to all of you for voting and participating. This was definitely a quieter event than the first go around and I'm not sure if we'll do it again, but it's been fun nonetheless and an interesting snapshot of your views on technology and the job.


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