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U of Alberta
« on: Jan 03, 2008, 09:15 pm »
Hello all! I'm seriously considering (read: already positive that I plan on) going on to study stage management in university and I've looked at a couple of schools so far (Ryerson, NYU, etc.) and I came accross the University of Alberta who's program seems interesting. From what I understood from my reaserch it seems like the environment would be much more hands on than a normal program (which I like) and I also read that you could get a credit towards AEA if you complete the program. I'm just wondering if anyone here has expiriences with this school they could share with me. Have you heard of it? Visited it? Studied there? Do you know anything about the program and it's quality?

Thanks, all help appreciated!

EDIT: Whisking this off to the Colleges board, it'll be happier there.  Also fixing the title so people don't think you're asking about the Univ of Alabama.--PSMK
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Re: U of Alberta
« Reply #1 on: Jan 10, 2008, 04:03 am »
I'm a current 4th year at the UofA and in fact am working on my thesis tonight as we speak!

The environment is conservatory based, you are expected to stage manage a number of shows at every level of your development, culminating in both sming and asming in our Timms Center, which is a category C spirit of equity stage with the senior acting company.  We do recieve one credit from the CAEA, and there is also a placement for all 4th years with Edmonton Opera which will grant you a second credit if you choose to apprentice with them.

I can talk all day but it might get boring, send me a message if you have any specific questions.  But to sum up, I wouldn't trade the last 4 years of my experiences with this degree for anything!