Author Topic: BA in Theater Management w/ MA in Stage Management vs BFA in Stage Management?  (Read 7900 times)

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I recently found out that if I want, I can graduate from my school (Ohio University in Athens, OH) with a BA in Theater Management a year early. I am currently a BFA and would have been happy staying the extra year to keep it, HOWEVER my school just began a one year MA program in Stage Management. If I chose to graduate early with the BA I would be financially capable of pursuing my MA in Stage Management.

The key to this being, as much as I want to stage manage and tour after graduation, my dream job is to settle in a college town and teach at a university. Which course is better for that goal?

Thanks so much everyone!


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My personal advice would be to avoid getting both degrees from the same school.  Do you really think there is anything more you can learn in that one additional year from the same people that you have already spent three years with already?  To me a big part of getting a masters degree is to expand your experience in a relatively safe environment.  I'm also a big proponent of taking some time off and actually working between getting a bachelors degree and your masters degree.  Bring some real world experience with you and you become that much more valuable to the program you eventually end up in.  It will also give you a chance to synthesize what you've already experienced in the educational setting versus what is going on in the professional world.