Author Topic: Where's Rise and Fall?  (Read 2361 times)

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Where's Rise and Fall?
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »

The scene is the messy apartment of a bodybuilder, bringing home his young
protegé to stay with him for a while.  The two sing a duet about the
mess.  At one point, the younger one, looking for something intellectually
redeeming in his mentor, optimistically points out a copy of "The Rise and
Fall of the Third Reich," a rather hefty tome, sitting on the floor of the

Younger: You've got "Rise and Fall"
Older: What's "Rise and Fall?"
Younger: At least the second half.
Older: It's just the right height for training the calf.


At the top of the scene, to set the book, the older bodybuilder kicks the
book out onto the stage, sliding it along the floor to its place.  On this
particular night, he gave it rather too swift of a kick, and it went sailing off
the edge into the house.  We giggled, but forgot about the line that was
coming up until right before it happened...well, all of us except for the actor
who kicked the book!

Younger: You've got "Rise and Fall"
Older: Where's "Rise and Fall?"