Author Topic: This looks like a job for the "Poisoned Boot"  (Read 2955 times)

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This looks like a job for the "Poisoned Boot"
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »
(Aaron H. S.)

Last year I was stage managing a production of "Rumors". According
to the script, the end of the first act breaks out in complete chaos and Chris
trips over the phone cord. Well this worked fine every other time we had ever
tried it. The cord connected to the bottom went to a button that the sound
operator could push to ring the phone. Well this particular night, when Chris
tripped over it, she ripped the cord. We start the second act and it comes time
for our first phone cue. The sound operator presses the button and nothing
happens. The actors just had this long pause on stage before finally one of them
was like "I think I heard the intercom buzz!". Well after we figured
out the problem I did some fast thinking for the rest of the phone cues and we
ended up using a cell phone for the rings. (only slightly better...most of the
time it was late). What was even worse was that one of the members of the crew
went to reset the phone cord at intermission and saw that it was ripped, but she
didn't think it was important enough to tell anyone!