Author Topic: RIP: Light Board  (Read 3436 times)

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RIP: Light Board
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »
(submitted by Stacy)


Okay there have been several bad times but the one that stands out is when we were doing a production of School House
      Rocks Live!  This was a college production and the lighting board we had was old and outdated.  It had been going in and
      out of the repair shop and we had just received it back from its last adventure.  We were scheduled to do an afternoon
      performance for the local elementary school.  We were in the middle of the second song and the light board passed away.  The
      stage had been dropped for the orchestra pit and they had small lights with blue gels.  When we lost the light board, the
      musicians ripped of the gels and turned their lamps toward the stage.  The rest of the show was done in the light of three
      lamps.  The kids loved the show and the teachers thought it was supposed to be that way.