Author Topic: Questions to ask your new boss  (Read 2981 times)

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Questions to ask your new boss
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »

A friend of mine passed this list on to me.  While some of these questions require some delicacy, they are all things you will want to know from the production manager/managing director/whoever can answer them before you sign anything, or at least very shortly thereafter.  These questions are useful for any production, equity or not.

  1. Where is/are the: fire extinguishers, first aid kit, nearest emergency room, fire exits, Equity cot?

  2. Explain the theatre's hierarchy.

  3. Who is in charge of maintenance of props, wardrobe, electrics, etc.?

  4. Who is providing rehearsal props?

  5. Who distributes paychecks? Who deals with questions about paychecks?

  6. What is the housing situation for the company? Who deals with questions about housing?

  7. What is the show's cancellation policy?

  8. What is the show's understudy policy?

  9. Who cleans the dressing rooms? Who cleans the green room? Who cleans?!?

  10. What is the smoking policy?

  11. Who locks up the building at night?

  12. Is there an engineer on duty?

  13. Can you get a tech crew in any earlier than tech?

  14. Who maintains the "in case of emergency" forms?

  15. What is the company's disciplinary procedure?

  16. Is there a production assistant?

  17. Who gets the prompt book when the production is finished?

  18. Explain the in-house communication system. Is there a phone the company can use?

  19. Is the Stage manager expected to file daily rehearsal/performance reports?

  20. Is there an office the Stage Manager can use?

  21. Where is the heating/AC control? Who controls it?

  22. Who is the house manager?

  23. Where can valuables be stored?

  24. Who's responsible for dimmer check?