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Into the Woods...No
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »

When a great show goes wrong! Why me!?!                                                      Accident leads to blame...Finger points to SM.

It was the second week of our run and all seemed to be going well. Every que and scene change was perfect, actors were actually finding their light (a miracle really), and the orchestra was right on. Of course, good must come to an end. The fly was going for the beginning of Ever After, and our Jack left one of his props out. He went back to get it, but I saw it hit him just as he ran out. I have never cursed so badly before. We had to stop the show and compensate all the audience.

Our Jack, his name is actually Brian, was rushed to the hospital. Brian was in a coma for a week, Because we still had a few more weeks in our run, we quickly found a replacement. Brian is alright now, but he said he'll never do a show where I was stagemanaging. I was so angry when he told me this. I couldn't believe he blamed me. I know everything is blamed on the SM, but I mean really! He knew that fly was coming in as it had for all our previous performances. Use your common sense Brian!

I do blame myself partially, but not enough where I feel I am completely to blame. Yes, I should have expected something like this and caught it a second sooner, but I am not the idiot who walked back on stage and wasn't paying attention to what was going on around me. Well, anyways, I still have never worked with Brian, and I honestly don't care if I have to work with him again. I mean, how much choice is he going to have in who his SM is going to be in the real world? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SAW DUST BRIAN!!!