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Human Wheels
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »
(submitted by Sara)


The first one that comes to my mind is when we
      did the musical Little Shop of Horrors last year we had this really cool
      set the entire set moved. If you don't know the play is about a killer
      plant that comes to take over the world and it takes place in a little
      flower shop, in a ghetto called Skid Row.


Well, we decided to make the shop a series of
      sections that pull apart and fit together. It was a really cool set. One
      of the sections had this really heavy "refrigerator" and because
      it was so heavy the wheels couldn't support it and the first time we moved
      it on opening night one of the wheels fell off and we had to move half of
      the set without a wheel the rest of the show. My dad was in the audience
      that night and he said you could see all these bodies, I think it took
      about ten of us to move that side after the wheel fell off, just pushing
      as hard as they could to get this thing to move the ten feet off stage and
      then back on stage. It was a mess, the next day before the show we put
      these giant 4 inch carriage bolts on it and it stayed the rest of the run.
      After that show the crew talked the director into doing a show that
      doesn't move, and she agreed.