Author Topic: Guess what? You're going on tonight!  (Read 2830 times)

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Guess what? You're going on tonight!
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »
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Hi everyone!  I have another horror story about I show that I stage managed. I already submitted the one about Brighton
      Beach Memoirs and the infamous prop.  Well, I was stage managing Leader of the Pack.  The rehearsals were many and long and
      we all were looking forward to a wonderful run of 5 weeks.  I get a call the afternoon of opening night from the female
      lead (she called me and not the director) saying that she just can't go on...that she has total stage fright and is
      throwing up non-stop all day. There was no indication whatsoever that this was going on with her. So here I am, with almost
      a full house of reservations, and no leading lady.  Ironically, one of the musicians in our orchestra had done this role
      about 3 years ago, and was very happy to just play in the band. She said that she wanted to take a break from acting.  I
      frantically called our director and we both decided that we had no choice but to ask "Gerri" if she could do the part, even
      if she had to go on with the script. This happened 2 hours before show time and we couldn't get in touch with Gerri by phone. So, in she comes
      with her guitar, and she sees all of us waiting for her at the door. We hurriedly explained that...."guess what?, she was
      going on tonight"  After the color came back in her face, she went on, off book (remembering everything...dialogue and all)
      and saved the show...and finished the run.  We never heard from the original leading lady again. That's the
      excitement of live theatre and I wouldn't want it any other way!!!.