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Follow Spot...Go?
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »
(submitted by bigbanger2x)


I was stage managing Grease for my high school theatre and the scene w/
      Sandy and Raining on prom night is about to happen when my light board op tells me that the area light on that area is out and since we did the scene from behind a scrim we
      could not use front of house to light the scene. I asked her if the bulb blew and she said that is happens all the time and
      you just have to hit the instrument a few times (like my Nintendo) before it will work again. So I leap from my booth and
      haul it back stage. The light is on an electric with a trim of 18'. I am 6'3" and the only latter I had was 6'.
      Luckily I thought, the light is only about 1 foot onstage past the leg. So
      I figure I can stand on the 6' ladder and reach up with a broomstick and tap the light. So there I go, to the TOP (a.k.a. do not stand on this rung or you are stupid) rung of the
      ladder, arms fully extended, holding a broom over Sandy's head as she sings
      "its raining on prom night." Luckily, the light only required one solid smack and I kept my balance. The audience did not see me or the broom or the odd look on Sandy's face. The best
      part was that I got back to the booth just in time to give the spot off
      cue to my spot op.