Author Topic: First Aid Tutorial (a UK slant)  (Read 3877 times)

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First Aid Tutorial (a UK slant)
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »
Leo has submitted the following story as an addendum to the Tutorial on First Aid, from a UK reader's perspective.

I was browsing today and noticed that the First Aid Tutorial had been submitted by a UK resident, although added to/amended by Kay.

I would like to add a note of my own as there are one or two points which do not apply to the UK at the moment.

A 'certified' First Aid kit will not include any creams or liquids, such as antiseptic cream or muscle rub. Likewise you will not see plasters.

Seems odd I know but that is the 'latest' but you will, of course, still see plasters and cream in kits which are sold every day. They are however, banned for children in schools, play schools etc.

I note also that the tutorial said CPR certification is renewable every year and the First Aid certificate every three years. In the UK CPR/First Aid is every three years, there is no requirement to undertake CRP training every year.


Paul (Leo Stage Management) UK