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Down the Hatch!
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »
(submitted by VSM)


I was Stage Managing Sweeney Todd with George Ball and Amanda McBroom in 1000 Oaks, CA. As you all know, it is a two story
      set with open playing areas atop the different platforms. Sweeney's "Special" Barber Chair sits atop a trap door, releasing
      the "dead" victim thru the bottom half of the unit and out a trap door on the other side. Yes, you guessed it - One night
      the trap didn't work. The chair collapsed, releasing the actor to the floor of the unit where the trap is supposed to send
      him down thru it. There he is, trying not to laugh, there Sweeney is trying to stomp the trap open, there I am in the Booth
      praying for the bloody trap to "Open, Open, just bloody OPEN !!!" Eventually it did - to thunderous applause... Ah the
      magic of Live Theatre...