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Reviewed by: Anonymous    Last updated: Jan 08, 2017 Percentile: [?] 16 Score/Grade: 58% / Poor
About this reviewer: About this Internship:
They had worked on over 20 shows (0 of them paid) before taking this internship. Internship started: July 11, 2016 Ended: August 22, 2016
They had completed some graduate classes. Unions: IATSE
They were not required to take this internship by their school. Term of internship: Single Production
They found this internship through Other. Number of productions: 3
The internship left them with unchanged interest in stage management. They completed it successfully. Multiple SM Teams: No Multiple Venues: No
They were not hired by this company afterwards. Internship included Musical Theatre Productions: Yes
Educational Value Poor Networking Value Below Average
0% of assigned tasks were new to the reviewer. They saw saw improvement on 0% of their tasks. They rated their improvement at an average of 0 out of 3. Increased network by an average of 5 people per show.
Return on Investment Excellent Hindsight Poor
Internship was Paid. Benefits: Comp tickets
Work schedule was: 5 days per week, for an average of 10 hours per day.
This internship has not led to subsequent jobs.
Respondent would not recommend this internship to others.
Rehearsal Experiences Poor Performance Experiences Satisfactory
Observed: Create rehearsal reports, Maintain or Create Prompt Book, Photo call, Script changes or cuts
Hands-On: Costume measurements, On book, Preset, Pull rehearsal props, Scene Shifts, Track blocking
Observed: Called show, Rail
Hands-On: ASM credit, Deck crew, Food props, Full blackout shifts, Live musicians, Major catastrophe, Preset, Puppets, Supervised crew, Work with difficult performer/diva, Wrangle children or animals
Focus Medium Diversity of Experience Medium
This internship was supposed to be specifically in stage management.
The intern worked in a stage management capacity on 3 shows, and in other departments on 3 shows
Observed: Casting, Design lights/electrics, Design misc., Teaching/mentoring
Hands-On: Build costumes/draper, Build props, Design props, Design set, Hang/focus, Scenic/Scene painting, Set carpentry
Avoidance of Non-Educational Tasks: Poor Robustness: Below Average
Assigned tasks: Clean paintbrushes, Custodial/janitorial, Laundry incl. show laundry, Load-in, Photocopies, Pick up food/order food, Strike set Robustness is an assessment of how many tasks the intern performed compared with what was theoretically possible given the length of their internship as well as the company's union status and choice of productions.
The company also offered the following extras: None