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I'm looking for examples of WWW forms created in excel or word. If anyone has one to share, I'd appreciate it.

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Here you go.  Not opera, musical/ play.  I had a to delete a lot of it to make it small enough to be uploaded.  But it should give you a good idea.  PM me and I can send you the full file and/ or WWW from other shows.  (Under the category of placement, I have used only page because we were not using a full score, in opera it would be PAGE, BAR, MEASURE)

What is a WWW Form?

Who What Where

It is a document that basically tracks everything backstage and entering or exiting the stage for the show.  Mostly used in opera, but I have adapted for my own use in theatre (especially large casts and musicals).

My Production Manager Always said, "Who What Where When" and sometimes, I wonder "WHY?!"

She found that they weren't useful for most shows, but the ones that they WERE useful for, they were REALLY useful for. :)


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