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Post examples, templates of slip sheets or pages that you can put in in between pages of your script or other sections of your prompt book. Ex: blocking pages, cue sheets/notes etc.

My slip sheet that I use when ASMing, as I'm not concerned with every piece of blocking- just entrances & exits, prop & costume tracking, etc.  I based the format on one that another SM I interned with used- I thought it was great. I emptied out the "key" section before I uploaded it, but I typically type in the actor or character names & the abbreviation I'm using for each. I change the boxes in the middle depending on the needs of the show & what I'm focused on tracking in rehearsal.  I made the table in Word originally, I like the ability to manipulate cells individually without changing the rest of the table.

I've never heard them called slip sheets, but it makes total sense. Attaching a PDF and edit-able doc.

You asked for one with mini groundplans. I can't show usage, but this should be easy enough to follow. Get a groundplan from your set designer in relatively high res format and then minify it to about 70% opacity so that your markings can be seen on top.

I would reference the minis in blocking like.. "Chorus 4 count to DC, see FP1 ->" or "HT & GD spin wagons to pos. in FP3 ->"


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