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I work as Stage Manager for high school productions, which at our high school means renting out the local theatre in the world, getting some of the biggest ego-ed dancers you will ever meet and a show produced to professional standards without - well, without the money, frankly - which makes forms my friend. I've enclosed a PDF of my 'Show Survival Kit', which compromises:

* Cast Contact Form
* Cast Illness and Allergy Form
* Cast Register
* Props Register with accompanying key to Check Points
* Cast Schedule Conflicts Form
* Four different 'notepad' forms I use
* Sound and light cue planning sheets
Accompanied with my annotated scripts, these enabled me to single handedly SM a show with a cast of nearing 50, plus primary school kids, with only 2 stage crew.

Hope this helps!

zayit shachor:
I like having as much paperwork as possible for each show I do in one Excel worksheet.  Here's my template; a lot of these forms have been borrowed and modified from documents posted to this very board, but it's been a while so unfortunately I don't remember who created each form.

The worksheet includes:

Contact sheet
Calendar (for "at-a-glance" schedules)
Daily schedule
Scene breakdown
Props tracking
sheet
Run sheet
Shift plot
Props preset
Cut list
Line notes
Phone card

Some of the docs can do some cool things: in the calendar, if you change one date it automatically updates the following dates; for phone cards, if you enter info in the top left card all the others will fill in.

Enjoy, and feel free to PM me with any questions.

This is an interesting idea.  I had never thought of combining documents this way.  Thanks to both of you for sharing.


--- Quote from: zayit shachor on May 31, 2008, 12:27 am ---I like having as much paperwork as possible for each show I do in one Excel worksheet. 

--- End quote ---

What a great idea!   Thanks so much for sharing!

I think it is interesting to combine the documents in form . . . my only concern is if you are more then a one person team, how to update and access the form could be problematic.

How do you handle multiple users of the same document????


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