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Cut List Example.xls
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Dec 07, 2006, 11:24 pm
My ASM and I (yay Cheryl) came up with this excel document for tracking script changes.  We called it the Cut List, but it’s for changes and additions as well as cuts. 

The BLANK tab is a form we’d print out, blank, and have next to us in rehearsal to make handwritten notes about changes as they occurred.  We’d later type up the changes on the computer (cut list tab), and email it out and/or distribute hard copies.

Several people told us they’d never seen script changes tracked in quite this way, so I’d love to see how other SMs are format their “cut lists.”

Script Changes.xls
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Dec 08, 2006, 12:18 am
Similar to the previous, though I basically type in just the new line (previous poster also listed old line), with bold and underline for changed words, the strikethrough feature for those cut.  I start off with the action (i.e., cut or change), and the final column is the date we changed the line.  When I'm ready to distribute, I'll do a sort feature by page number.