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Sample prop list in excel format.

Plan and assign prop creation/obtain duties.  In Excel format.

We had this form printed in triplicate on carbon paper.  Original kept by Props Master.  Copy given to lender when prop is borrowed.  Third copy can bekept by SM or filed in theatre office for back-up.  When prop is returned, lender signs bottom of PM's original.  In Word format.

The first two columns are check boxes for rehearsal and final props.
"Location" refers to each prop's preset location backstage.
The "categories" of props (courtesy of Thurston James) are defined on the 2nd worksheet--click the tab at the bottom.

Looks like my last post got deleted in all of the mayhem that's happening with SMNetwork right now but I'm hoping that someone out there has a props tracking sheet that they would be willing to share with me??  I'm starting rehearsals for Noises Off tomorrow and would like a better tracking sheet to go in with than the one that I have now. 

Thanks!!! ;)


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