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Laundry in/out checklist in excel format.

Fitting schedule, in Word format.

My director is less than articulate about his vision for costumes for our productions, so this is the form that I created to force him to describe what he thought the characters should look like.  It's worked pretty well.

In the school that I work at the students supply a lot of the costumes, I'm sure that it is the same with alot of amature productions.  Mail merge is such a useful tool.  I take my costume plot (created in Excel) and merge it into a Word or Publisher document and create sheets to let the actors know what they need to supply.  I've attached a sample (as a PDF) of the Publisher file that I'm using for this year's production of Annie Jr.  If you want the publisher file, I can email it (its too big to fit here as an attachment).

Always looking for things to make my job easier, and i found this in an old costume designers textbook that I was reading the other day.  Could be supremely usefull if you're not the costume person but need to do the shopping for that person.


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