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candid rehearsal snapshots?
« on: Jun 23, 2005, 01:06 pm »
I'm working in an LOA company off the LORT contract, and I'm not sure how to approach this topic.

We have more non-AEA actors than AEA actors, but of course, we have to work under AEA rules.  A couple of the non-AEA actors have brought cameras to rehearsal and are taking "souvenir" shots.  One guy only did it one day, but the other guy has brought his camera to a couple of rehearsals.  Neither of them used flashes, and neither of the cameras beeped, and as far as I can tell, neither were a distraction to anybody working (except me, of course).

It seems wrong to me, but I don't know exactly why.  It just seems unprofessional.  My plan is that the next time a camera shows up in rehearsal, I'll take the guy aside and say something like, "I'd really rather not have you taking photos in rehearsal any more.  How do you feel about that?"

If we were working in costume, or under lights, or doing run-throughs, I'd  put my foot down about it.  And if the producer were coming around with a camera all the time, I'd remind her of the 24-hour notice; but it doesn't seem to me that the intent of the AEA rules was to keep memories out of the scrapbooks of people who probably won't be making a professional career out of acting and just want to remember the summer they did Shakespeare.

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candid rehearsal snapshots?
« Reply #1 on: Jun 23, 2005, 05:42 pm »
Why not have the people who want photos pool their money and hire a pro to take pictures on a designated day or time for pictures only, say after rehearsal sometime or on a day off.
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candid rehearsal snapshots?
« Reply #2 on: Jun 23, 2005, 05:57 pm »
in places that I've worked, we either had a no cameras period or had the actors ask permission before shooting a scene onstage. Only in one case did an actor come up to me to say it was disturbing and I had to step in.


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pictures in rehearsal
« Reply #3 on: Jun 23, 2005, 06:51 pm »
I deal with in two ways

1) If an actor wants to shoot candid photos during the rehearsal period, I will ask them to wait a day, announce that so and so would like to taake photos and see if someone has a problem with it.   That way, I am satisfying the 24 hour rule of notice for photos.

2) During photo call, I often let cast and crew take photos as they want - as long as the producers do not have a problem - not one has ever had a problem with that.

But otherwise, I ask nicely for there to be no photography during rehearsal.
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candid rehearsal snapshots?
« Reply #4 on: Jun 24, 2005, 01:10 am »
I agree w Matthew - it used to be only non-pros that did this but w the rampant presence of camera phones this is happening more and more, so I always tell the shooters (I hesitate to call them photographers) to wait a day so I can run it by the whole cast - will do a secret ballot if I think anyone feels itchy about it - and otherwise suggest shots during the production shots.

If anyone gripes, you can point out that it is illegal without specific permission  - after all, we make that announcement prior to every show abt no pix, tapes or videos for the same ruling.

Mac Calder

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candid rehearsal snapshots?
« Reply #5 on: Jun 24, 2005, 09:54 am »
When I SM, the rule is a flat out "No Cameras" - Re camera phones, my cast and crew know that if they have a mobile phone, it either goes in my box, or in their bag, not on their person, and most definatly not ON!

If cast want photo's, I have a digital camera which I bring to set rehearsals (notice given well in advance on my production schedule) and if they want anything special, they can tell me and I will email them the next day. During my promo shoots, I make sure lots of photos are taken, and I say at the end "If you want a copy of all of the photo's, place your name on this sheet of paper" - then I burn them onto CD, or email them hopefully by the next rehearsal... or I put them online.

You must also note that if you are taking photo's of any U16's (or 18's) that PARENTAL CONSENT must be given - which usually means that within the permission slip your children had their parents sign - you did get parental consent I hope - you have

"I give permission for my child's photograph to be used as promotional material for SHOWNAME and also for use by COMPANY in any general promotional material which may be published in the future."


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