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printing actor scripts single or double sided?

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Im working on a new play so we are printing scripts for actors. Should these be single or double sided?

Doing single-sided uses less paper, but doesn't leave much room for actors to make notes for themselves. Double-sided is more environmentally-friendly, but if you have script changes it's harder to do replacement pages.

I tend to think single-sided is better, especially with a play where you're going to have a lot of script changes. If I'm printing extra copies to have in the rehearsal room or backstage, I do those double-sided.

I typically ask my cast which they prefer. I know some of them want the backside of the sheet blank for taking notes, but some are very environmentally conscious and prefer to save a few trees.
Then there's that one guy who just uses his iPad...

How about for staged readings? Is there a standard for that?

It really depends on the show. If it's a new script, do it single sided, as rewrites will be much harder to insert if it's double sided. I'm not sure there is one single "standard," otherwise.

--- Quote from: mizi5620 on Dec 06, 2018, 11:31 pm ---How about for staged readings? Is there a standard for that?

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