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As we continue to try to grow and improve SMNetwork, the moderator team has tossed around the idea of starting a mentorship program.  This could go in several directions, from shadowing opportunities to a mentor relationship in your area to one where you talk by email.  I would love input from the members of SMNetwork on whether this is something that would be of interest to you, what you would like to get out of a mentorship program, etc, to help guide us as we further develop this idea.   

zayit shachor:
I think there are different levels of mentor, which maybe we should take into account.  High school or college students might want an older student or recent graduate; someone who's just moved to NYC might want someone who's been there for several years...etc.

Also, a person might be in a position to be both a mentor and a mentee.  A college senior would be a great mentor for a new freshman, but would want a mentor who, say, has been working in their city for a few years.

Just some things to chew over...

(P.S. Stickying this for now to maximize the number of responses.)

I concur with the previous post. We have a similar system here at my college. When you enter college you are matched with a mentor. Then the next year you receive and mentizzle. It is very successful in creating a large group of friendships and helps teach freshman the ins and outs of the department. It also encourages them to socialize more and keep active in the department.

I have a similar situation with this at The University of Pittsburgh. We recently officiated a USITT chapter at Pitt and the Chair and I started a Peer Mentorship program for underclassmen that may need a helping hand. We appointed one or 2 upperclassman form many different fields and seeing as USITT is technical it ranges from Stage Management to Scenic Design to Lighting and so on and so forth. We have found that it not only helps the Mentee a great deal and gives them more confidence, but the Mentors as well. I am currently Stage Managing Lysistrata (with 30 actors, music composed for the show, live musicians that are also our actors, choreography, and a plethora or Phalli) and while I am a Mentor in the program it helped greatly to have other Mentors there as well and one of my Mentees. Sometimes all you need is the reminder that people are there to help and you are not in it alone.

Thanks for all of the input so far.  You each make really great points and we will definitely take this into consideration as we develop the program. 


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