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Do you all generate rehearsal reports for your understudy rehearsals? If so, what information do you provide and who do you send it to?

I recently did generate an understudy rehearsal report and the company didn't seem too thrilled about the idea. Said it was unfair to publish performance notes on them. Sure, its less work for me on my end if I don't do it, but in the event one of the understudies go on, I want the documentation that we went over the material on a certain date and note how the understudy is currently performing. I need the insurance of "we went over it, they struggled at these specific moments and we asked for further assistance. In performance they failed because the company did not give us the time or staff to go over requested material." I want to save myself the future heart-ache by documenting the understudy rehearsals as they happen.

Let me know your thoughts!

Stuart Plymesser:
When conducting understudy rehearsals, I generate a rehearsal report same as I would for any other rehearsal with the principal cast.  How explicit you are with how well the understudies did in their rehearsal is something to consider.  At the very least, I would mention what scenes/numbers were covered in the rehearsal.  If; however, I had concerns about whether or not the understudies should be counted upon to cover performances, I would probably save it for a separate email to a smaller group of people. 

During previews when we have daytime tech rehearsals, I create a daily Rehearsal/Performance Report with a section for rehearsal, a section for the performance, and a section for technical notes.  I think I would do the same for an Understudy Rehearsal day.  Or, just a note in the General/Performance section saying a rehearsal was held, for what parts of the show, and how long.  I wouldn't include issues about understudies' performance in a full-staff report, only in a direct email to Director/Artistic Director as appropriate.


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