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Re: PROMPT BOOK: Your Prompt Book - Left or Right?
« Reply #105 on: Dec 27, 2018, 09:14 pm »
For my blocking scripts, I put the script pages on the left and removable blocking pages on the right. I'm right handed so this is easiest for me.

For calling scripts, I keep the script pages on the left. I write my cues in the left margin of the script page and underline with a straightedge to keep it in line with the correct text, and I draw a caret on the line to indicate cue placement.

If I have a cue at the top of a page, I fold the page in half backwards (vertically). This way when I'm on the previous page, I can have the next page folded so that I see the left margin and can see the upcoming cue. This is particularly useful if I have to start speaking for the cue before the page gets turned.



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Re: PROMPT BOOK: Your Prompt Book - Left or Right?
« Reply #106 on: Jan 13, 2019, 07:44 pm »
For my last couple of shows I've started printing double sided with a large margin. Less sheets of paper means less weight, smaller folders, less space on my bookshelf at home (I keep all my folders).

I print at about A5 size in the centre of an A4 page. Nearly all my notes go on the outside margin (opposite the holes), but will use both sides sometimes.

I keep most of my notes short and to the point and write small, with a 0.3mm mechanical pencil, and once things stop changing I re-do all my notes with a 0.3mm Zebra Sarasa black pen (amazing pen!) for improved legibility. I also switch from pencil underlines to highlighters during this process.

Plus I have thin colour coded adhesive tags everywhere. Thousands of them.

I use full notes at first, but for most of the script switch to abbreviations. If someone else calls my show they might see "Robert Enter DSL" above an orange tag, but later on it will be "R. DSL" above the tag. By then they will have learned Orange always means an entrance and there's only one character with an "R" initial.

Sometimes I insert a blank sheet of paper as "page 42.5" for additional notes. So far I've only ever needed that for the beginning of the show and interval.

Finally, I use the binder for storage and transport. During the show or rehearsal I'm working with loose sheets. That way there are no rings and I can jump to other pages without losing my place. If I need to discuss something in detail, I can just grab that page and walk over to another person, instead of trying to carry the entire folder.

Being relatively new (5 shows) I'm still developing my system, but this seems to work well.
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