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A blogger wrote a nice review of my current show (professional, but non Equity). It's at a small, pretty informal theatre. The Artistic Director emailed me a link to the review, and asked me to forward it to the cast.

This particular theatre doesn't have a general policy of not talking about reviews in the dressing rooms/greenroom. But the thought of emailing the actors the review makes me uncomfortable. The blog says a lot of nice things, but not all actors like to read reviews. I'd rather not send the email. But I also don't want to get on the bad side of the person who hired me.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice?


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you can very easily satisfy both sides . . . '

send out an email

I know many of you don't read reviews, especially blogs, but our artistic director would like those who do read reviews to know about this blog.  if you don't read reviews, please delete this email.


you can poll the actors and put together a mailing list for those who want to read them.  some may want them, but choose not read them until the show closes.
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I vote Matthew's first option. I was working with a small professional theater company in NY for month long runs of shows twice a year and I would forward the reviews with a subject of "NYT Review" or "NY Post Review." Actors that want to read it do, those who don't won't.

I wouldn't editorialize on the review. So no "Good review from X and Bad review from Y." With my particular method I would ask if anyone would like to opt out of the email. Some people just don't like to be tempted.


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How about you send the e-mail distribution list to your AD and she or he writes an introductory note to the link and e-mails it without you being in the middle?

Matt's suggestions are probably the least-complicated response.  It's like posting the required notice of the archive video on the call board with a card covering the actual date so that anyone who wants to know can lift the card to find out.
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Usually with this kind of stuff, I like to forward the email onto the cast and crew, so that way I'm just facilitating the email.

If people don't want to read it they won't click on it.
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