Author Topic: ESCRIPTS: Retyping e-scripts vs. reformatting - what's easier?  (Read 2646 times)

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So, I find that it is really helpful to type it yourself. I know that if I used a script someone else typed, I would only become frustrated. The non-custom formatting would drive me crazy!

I like to type my own script. It's useful for inserting cues too.

I mean, if I borrowed someone's electronic copy, I might end up with some crazy Rodgers and Hammerstein shenanigans where things are inappropriately put in bold.

EDIT: Split this off from the Electronic Scripts request thread, lest that get too off-track.  --PSMK
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Re: Requests for Electronic Scripts -- Post 'em here!
« Reply #1 on: Feb 22, 2009, 01:24 am »
Yeah, but you can always re-format.  I'm doing Heartbreak House shortly and managed to find the text online.  I copied and pasted into Word, and I don't like the formatting so I've re-formatted it - still a whole lot quicker than typing up the whole lot myself.  I've scanned and OCR'd a good few of my scripts over the past couple of years and do end up re-formatting most of them as sometimes the OCR goes a bit odd anyway and I like to check the whole thing through before printing it out, and it doesn't take me much time to re-format as I go.


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Re: Requests for Electronic Scripts -- Post 'em here!
« Reply #2 on: Feb 22, 2009, 04:29 am »
I'm in the process of typing out Guys and Dolls right now and it does help to delve into the script on a word by word basis, but I'd like to save myself a little work on the off chance that someone is willing to share.  I'm happy to reformat or type, both take time, but reformatting is easier on the carpal tunnel syndrome...


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